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Course Code: C0030-OL

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Course Description:

This program is for men who are experiencing depression and/or exhaustion, or who may have a friend or family member who is in this situation.

Depression and exhaustion are rapidly becoming common concerns in the lives of many of our men. The effects of depression and exhaustion are vast and far-reaching leaving men feeling run down, moody, agitated, disengaged, tired and overwhelmed.

This course is specifically designed to respond to this growing trend, offering men an opportunity to deepen their understanding, develop their awareness and gain insight into the many contributing factors that leave them feeling depressed and or exhausted.

At any given time in Australia 1 in 8 men will be experiencing depression, and suicide continues to be the leading cause of death for men aged between 25 - 44. In many cases, the effects of depression and exhaustion can be subtle and go unnoticed, commonly resulting in men withdrawing from family and friends, working overtime or adopting unhealthy behaviours as a means to cope.

The Course Will Explore:

  • How our diet and other physiological factors influence our moods
  • How our beliefs about ourselves, our work and our family can deplete or revitalise
  • the often unidentified relationship between exhaustion and depression,
  • How avoiding or not acknowledging what we're experiencing or feeling can make matters worse
  • Practical tools and techniques that men can use to support themselves throughout the day so as to start to build one's own vitality levels and live a life free from depression and exhaustion.

Open to everyone.

Duration: 5 Video Presentations at approx. 1.5 Hours Each 
Delivery Modes: Online

Cost: $60

Contact and questions: email menshealth@coum.org for more information

This Course will be presented and facilitated by:

Michael Benhayon, Michael Serafin, Adam Warburton, Francisco Clara, Martin Gladman

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This course requires a payment for entry.

Cost: AUD 60.00

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