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Understanding Men and Life Addictions

Understanding Men and Life Addictions

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5 Part Video Course Online | Enrolments Now Open

Course Description:

This 5 part video course is aimed at exploring men's relationships with the delicate subject of addiction.

A brief look at statistics will reveal the fact that men struggle with addiction significantly more than women. This is readily accepted as a fact, but what is interesting is that most men, when asked, will say that they have no problems with addiction. Perhaps this is because the word 'addiction' comes with such a heavy social stigma, one that we do not like to readily associate with ourselves, especially as men. 

When we think of addiction, most of us tend to relate this word to the obvious - alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, illegal drugs, and in more recent times, sex and porn addiction. But what if we expanded the scope to include coffee, food, work, sport, hobbies, internet, games, and even emotions as being potential vices that could similarly foster what we refer to as addiction? Would our relationship with the word 'addiction' change, and what would our response be if we were then again asked? Does addiction play a role in our lives? 

This course is open to all men, whether they are suffering acute problems with addiction, or whether they are simply curious as to what role addiction may actually have in their life, or that of other men.

The Course Will Explore:

  • Why do men struggle with addiction?
  • Does the word addiction refer to more than what we generally perceive it to be? 
  • The role that addiction can play in our lives and how to address it.

Open to everyone.

Cost: $60 | please book and pay using paypal or credit card below

Questions and Contact Email: menshealth@coum.org for more information

This Course is presented and facilitated by:

Michael Benhayon, Michael Serafin, Adam Warburton, Francisco Clara, Martin Gladman and Brendan Mooney

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This course requires a payment for entry.

Cost: AUD 60.00

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